Looking for a combo rack?
We’ve got 3 of them.
Looking for a Monolift?
We’ve got one of those too.
Looking for Deadlift Platforms?
We’ve got 4 + 1 oversized custom Texas platform.
Not to mention all of this:
Calibrated plates in kilos and pounds, 3 power racks, 1 squat rack, Texas Deadlift Bars, Cerberus Squat Bar, Rogue Squat Bar, SSB Bars, Cambered Bars, Kabuki Kadillac Bars, Kabuki Transformer Bars, Marrs Bar, Power Bars, and a few other fun additions.

If you’re looking for it, we’ve got it.

Upper Body

If you are looking to train your upper body, you have come to the right place!
We’ve blended old school and new school to give you the workout of your life.  We have 50+ year old Nautilus machines, and we have one of the best newer machines the Nautilus XPLOAD Chest Press.
Each machine was tested and found to fit the standards of our gym in terms of biomechanics, comfort, and purpose.


Lower Body

This is the bread and butter of Texas Iron Republic.  Without wheels, a car cannot move, just like the human body.

Lower body is not isolated to just the legs, but also the entire posterior chain, which includes a lot of your back.

We have brought equipment in to ensure that any person, despite previous injury or personal inability, can get an excellent workout in for lower body.


Texas Iron Republic is one of very few well-equipped Strongman gyms in the Houston Area.  From logs, to stones, to grip implements, we have practically anything a Strongman could need, and we have many that train here because of that.

Some of our pieces:

Stones up to 450 pounds, loadable husafel, crucifix carry, 10″ log, 12″ log, axle bars, Mike Bartos Deadlift Stands, Rogue Wagon Wheels, Crash Pads, Rogue Jerk Blocks, Sleds, Sandbags (both throwable and larger), multiple grip trainers, 3 yokes, 2 frames, and even an anvil.

There is so much more, come in and take a tour!