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My name is Cassandra Landeros.

I am a National Academy Sports Medicine Certified personal trainer. 

I worked at a high-performance tennis academy as a fitness coach for a couple years and now have been working independently as a personal trainer. 

I was introduced to the gym at a pretty young age due to being a full-time high-performance athlete growing up. I played collegiate tennis on a scholarship and have experience in both weight training and agility/coordination training.

I focus on lifestyle clients who are wanting to build muscle, tone up, lose weight, and live an overall healthier lifestyle. 

My goal is to show you that it is possible to reach your goals while still enjoying life and all that it has to offer. 

We will work on building healthy sustainable habits inside and outside of the gym and I will be your biggest cheerleader throughout your whole journey!

I offer in person training and online 1:1 coaching!

For more information, please feel free to reach out.

Phone Number: 281-865-7546



Instagram: @cass.fitlife

My name is Jordan Henderson. I’m a father, husband and firefighter/EMT in Montgomery County. I have a full-time and part-time job in the fire service. I genuinely love helping people. I come from generations of firemen and service men/women, so serving my country and community are things that come second nature. Likewise, I started training and coaching from the same place in my heart. I have found that I love instructing, teaching and motivating. Pushing people to be better than they were the day before every day of my life is truly a passion of mine and I’m focused on continuing to provide a positive approach for anyone and everyone who comes to me for help reaching a goal, whatever that goal may be.

My gym journey started early on in my life with sports, but didn’t really start to take true form until my 20’s. When I found out how important the gym was for mental health and clarity, I dove in headfirst and really became a student of the game. It wasn’t until I started fire academy that I started to realize how my passion could positively impact other’s lives. I became captain of my fire academy class and was granted the ability to lead PT for my class for the entire 9 months that we were a unit and I saw the changes that my training and leadership brought. But more importantly, I saw the ABILITIES that people have and it amazed me. Since that time, I have taken on multiple firefighters and members of our first responder community, as well as people ranging from high schoolers looking to go national in powerlifting, military members, high performance athletes and gym goers with all kinds of different goals! I’m so fascinated by the human spirit. Grit and determination along with finding out what we’re made of is what makes coaching a love of labor for me. Helping YOU be the best YOU is what makes it all worthwhile.

I use an accountability-based and motivation-focused approach to help my people reach their goals. Weight loss, sports power, powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, etc. Whatever your goal is; I’m going to get you where you need to be, period! If we’re going to work together, I’m giving you whatever it is that you need to reach your goals. Coaching, for myself, is so much more than just giving you the tools you need to succeed. There’s a lot more that goes into it for me, such as helping navigate difficult days/weeks both in the gym and in life, giving the positive reinforcement needed to continue succeeding and understanding that sometimes we fall…but, getting back up is the more important aspect of life. I’m here to keep you on your feet! With the facilities and equipment that we have here at Texas Iron Republic, you’re going to be better every time you walk in the front door. We have so many knowledgeable trainers from such different walks of life, which means that there’s someone for everyone here. You’re in good hands. Let’s reach those goals!

Email –

Phone – (832) 257-5947

Instagram – @hendersonstrengthsystem

My name is Ian Powell and I’ve been a personal trainer for
the past 6 years in Corpus Christi. I have my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology
with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology/Biomechanics. I’m also a National
Academy Sports Medicine Certified personal trainer. 

I’ve been training for bodybuilding for the past 6 years. I
have competed in NPC Classic Physique where I won the Novice Overall title at
the Labrada Classic in 2021. 

 I enjoy training a variety of clients from lifestyle to those focused explicitly for muscle building. My goal for all of my clients is to reach their fitness goals while learning/understanding the mechanism behind training. Allowing them to use my knowledge to their advantage to help them further understand how to approach the gym/nutrition that will last a lifetime. 

If you would like to know more information about my personal
training business, feel free to reach me at:

Phone number: 832-257-5242


Instagram: ian_powell_aesthetics


My name is Lindsey. I’m a nutrition and strength coach at Texas Iron Republic and the owner of Plate to Plate Nutrition and Strength Coaching, LLC. I am Westside Barbell and NASM certified. I have a passion for helping people get strong and teaching them how to eat to get the results they want.

I can relate to my clients because I have been where many of them have been at some point in every step of their journey. I am a mom of 4 kids and lost 130 pounds after the birth of my second child. Finding my passion for nutrition and strength training gave me the tools I needed to change my own life, and now I enjoy helping other people do the same. I know what it is like to have a big goal, and I know how it feels to work hard to accomplish it. On top of that, I have spent considerable time participating in boxing, crossfit, and my very
favorite- competing in strength sports. I have competed in strongman and powerlifting for over three years now, bringing home numerous medals and awards.

I train a diverse group of people ranging from total beginners to advanced. I do lifestyle training, as well as sport specific training like strongman and powerlifting, and I will teach you how to eat to be your healthiest, strongest, and best looking self. I also offer online programming and coaching for those already confident in the gym.

For more information on working with me, please reach out!

Phone: 281-217-7736
Instagram: @platetoplatecoaching

My name is Logan Shults and I’ve been a personal trainer on and off since I was in college, so a combined 5 years actively working with clients with a personal training certification from ISSA. I have also been a competitive bodybuilder in the NPC for 5 years where I won an overall in classic physique in 2020 and competed at the National level to become a pro in 2021. 

I love personal training because it allows me to have a positive impact on someone’s life, whether it’s a client that wants to be able to play with their kids for longer, someone who wants to build more confidence, or anyone in between.  For my lifestyle clients I focus on building a foundation that we can build on together to help them achieve their goals whether it’s to be more functional, healthy, or simply look good. For bodybuilders my goal is simple, it’s to help you bring your best possible look to the stage so when we are training my focus is on bring up lagging body parts and helping you achieve overall balance and symmetry.

If you would like to see some of my client’s progress then check out my Instagram or Website (links below), if you would like to discuss personal training more in detail feel free to contact through and one of the following

Phone number: 936-229-0134


Instagram: Loganshults_



My name is Evan Alexander.

I have been doing personal training for over 10 years.

Growing up I was active and constantly playing sports. Whether it was Basketball, Baseball or just for fun.

Early in my 20’s I let myself go, and then I found fitness. It has been a huge part of my life ever since.

I started training clients in 2012, after several years of training, I switched to the gym management side. I was a GM for a national big box gym for over 2 years.

I am currently the Owner/Operator of Reach Stretch & Recovery in The Woodlands. Helping clients recover from injuries, prevent injuries, or just feel less pain and more mobility.

My true passion is training clients! Helping them get the body and confidence that they never dreamed they could have. I enjoy training both bodybuilding and lifestyle clients.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just make an overall healthy change in your life. I’m the person for you. 


Let’s make you the best version of yourself that you can possibly be!!

Email –

Phone – 936-718-0601

Instagram – @iamevan85

Jessica Belt- Uribe comes to us with over 14 years of experience in the heart and fitness industry.  Ranging from lifestyle and weight loss to competitive athlete and performance, she has the knowledge base and criteria for multiple facets of the health and fitness industry. Holding 7 certifications including CF L1, NASAM, Nutrition, USPA coaches, and Westside PT… she continues to expand her education constantly to better help people achieve their goals. Jess is extremely goal oriented and loves to help people succeed and reach milestones. So whether you want to lose a few pounds, regain mobility, compete, or have a better lifestyle… she does it all! Her door is always open to answer your questions and guide your journey mentally and physically by setting achievable goals and benchmarks. Truly someone who cares to help you improve your life through health and fitness.

WhatsApp: 832-693-3652


Instagram: @jess_uribe_ifbbpro


As a NASM certified trainer & powerlifting/overall strength trainer, I am passionate about strength training & more particular helping others formulate a plan to accomplish goals. I am an active powerlifter myself so I provide unique insight into how a powerlifter thinks, trains, and gets better. I provide a simple, easy to understand, straight to the point program & training style. I believe laying bricks each day to build the foundation by which to perform your best when it’s time. I’m a transparent & open book when it comes to questions, explanations on why we’re doing something & the importance of what we’re doing & I look forward to helping people crush their goals.

Phone: 210-392-3937 

Instagram: @tjay_lifting

My name is Alex. I am a  NASM certified personal trainer and a 2013 graduate of The Woodlands High School. I am a ten year navy veteran with a vast working  knowledge in the field of athletic training. I have trained in fitness modalities to include being a high school track athlete, general physical preparedness for military training, and currently am a competitive powerlifting. 6 years ago I found a passion for strength training that helped me manage my mental health while serving fifteen months overseas providing security throughout middle eastern waterways. I currently study constantly and strive to be the best power lifter I can be. I am a two time Texas, state record holder in powerlifting under the WRPF federation. I am looking to share my expertise with all people whether you seek to increase overall muscularity, or you are a fellow powerlifter wanting to put up your greatest numbers yet! Reach out and let me help you take your fitness goals further than you ever thought possible! 

Phone: 832-764-3730


Instagram: @amenace94